The Perfect Air Pollution Protection (PAPP)

Because I did not find any that is fitting my needs, I will design our own pollution protection.We can start with Haves, than continue with Don'ts and finish with Nice haves or IWBNI (iwould bnice if....)

Lets name our fictional air pollution protection device the 'PAPP'

We will inspire us on the previous blog post and list positives
  • Wearing PAPP should not hamper the visual appearance of my face, I should be easily recognizable and my facial expressions not distorted
  • My eyes should be protected as well
  • My eye sight should not be distorted
  • My speech expression should not be distorted
  • The sealing must be perfect under any atmospheric condition or facial expression and without hassle or repeated adjusting.
  • The putting on of PAPP should be easy, fast and comfortable always with perfect sealing
  • Wearing must be comfortable for extensive periods at once. (like 8 hours)
  • The holding pressure is always adequate to the experienced forces pulling on PAPP, suitable for sport or children play
  • If something is wrong with the sealing or PAPP itself the wearer must be warned
  • It should protect from all regular urban air pollution, I do not expect to protect me from industrial or some sort of extreme hazards
    • PM2.5
    • NOx
    • O3
    • SOx
    • Microbes
    • Viruses
  • Beards and Glasses compatible
  • Splash resistant
  • PAPP must be long living, some parts like filters can be consumables
  • Maintenance (cleaning, filter exchange ...) must be easy, hassle free and thorough
  • Must have sizes or be adaptable for children from 4 years upwards
  • Suitable to be handled and worn by children
Here the google form questionnaire where you can rate the importance of the 'Haves' listed here. This will help to advance our project of The Perfect Air Pollution Protection

except from the listed the previous blog
  • No ear straps!
  • No protection from industrial hazards or pollutants not common in normal urban environment. List of blocked pollutants and concentrations included.
  • No protection from biological or chemical warfare
  • No protection from physical factors. Not the substitute for a grinding shield or motorbike helmet
  • Not submersible or mud resistant
  • Not a throw away product
  • Not maintenance free
  • Not for medical purposes
  • Not for extreme environments (Sahara desert or Himalayas)
Nice haves
Some features that would make the life with PAPP wearing more comfortable
  • Associated pollution detector app
  • Receiving of incoming calls
  • Music player -build in headphones
  • Color choice
  • Accessories like cleaning set, transport bag, storage box, visor protection stickers...
  • Out of warranty service by manufacturer
  • The option to try PAPP out before buying it
To continue with our fictional PAPP I will need information what are the important Features users or potential users of air pollution protection equipment desire. 

Vote here ⇧
Therefore I designed this basic survey form where you have the chance to vote the importance of features and suggest your own. Hope you will engage and on the end of the project I can present you with the solution to our trouble with air.

Your Michal