Does this sound familiar to you?

I have very good standard of living. My kids, wife and family do not need to worry if they are in the shop if we can afford or can buy something. Because of that we see our health as priority, money are good but can I afford really everything what I need for me and my family? I thought I can provide it, but I was wrong. What made me to change my mind and point of view? The most obvious things are usually the simpliest one. I will try to explain it.

Recently I came across the web page showing worldwide pm2.5 particles concentration. I quickly zoomed to the china awaiting, as commonly known, the highest air pollution in the world. After I zoomed out, I spotted place in europe where the pm 2.5 air pollution was nearly the same as in China. I thought to myself, that can not concern me, but after I zoomed in I was shocked. It was the town where I live! I realized at that moment that even if you can buy anything, you are sharing the air with other. But what makes me worry is that according to sources from wikipedia such as PM 2.5 air pollution causes serious health problems and endangers my family. Breathing such polluted air shortens your life, because pollution remains there. Furthermore scientific studies conclusions state that unborn children, like mine are also affected by air pollution which causes  low birth weight. And the doctors do not name the cause, because no one speaks about it - PM2.5 air pollution affects everyone. If you are rich or poor, you are breathing the same air. But is there something I can do about it? The most logical is not to pollute the air. But even air emissions are in nowdays consume economy comodity. Commodity that trades with our health. By the time when air will not be polluted (maybe some day) is to inspire yourself from other countries - wearing mask. The most of them are for one time use, which is really not practical for example this one.


Even if such masks have various certificates, how I can be sure that it provides sufficient filtration after multiple use? However aesthetically not so bad I find them hard to wear, maintain and socially obtrusive. The biggest disadvantage is you can not see my whole face through the mask and communication is hard.

Do you know about better alternatives? Please leave your comments.