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For sake of the beauty, protect your skin against air born pollution

The question is, does air pollution affect other organs, apart form lungs, too?

Of course it does! Let's think about, a fully clothed person exposes two parts of the body: Hands and the head. We will not talk about the hands, they are sturdy part of the body and can handle a beating from exterior. It is the head, precisely the face organs that are suffering also. In this article I will have closer look on the facial skin, skin is the larges organ of the human body and supposed to protect us against external influences. In today's cities it is attacked by toxic artificial chemicals and nano scale particles and was newer naturally meant to withstand such poisonous conditions. Starting from congested pores to serious allergic reactions all this and probably combination of those are the result. The beauty conscious about us, I don't want to say the women, can tell how difficult it is now days to take care of it and how badly affected it is by air born toxins. Aging of the sk…

Non of the pollution masks fulfilled my expectation. Shocking!

Finally I came to conclusion that non on the commercially available solutions are fitting my lifestyle or expectation. What a shock!
Most of them have following negatives in common:
Covering your lower half of your face causing you can't recognize the wearers facial expressionThe eyes are not protected, sore eyes and allergies are the common result of pollution exposureYou can not effectively speak while wearing them because they are dimming the sound of your voiceThe sealing is bad, not uniform and depends how meticulous you put the mask on and wear itWhile you opening your mouth for what ewer reason you are loosing the seal on massive scaleBeards are off limitsAny facial expression causes mask leakageNothing (except the smell from outside) alerts you that your mask is leakingThe mask causes accumulation of humidity, sweat and human fluids insideMaintenance is not something the common manufacturer had thought about. You can clean the body (not the filter) of some models manually i…