The choice

Today you have the choice. You can choose your supermarket and when you enter you have all the choice you want or ever be able to choose from. The Internet gave the consumers the ultimate weapon to choose from and compare and review and comment. Nobody can say "I do not have choice". Well...

I say just that: "We do not have a choice."

What? You can choose your food, your clothes, your water bottle even the supplier of your electricity or gas can be chosen from a short list. You choose your Internet provider or your hair style. In most developed countries it can be chosen freely. If you are a Greek you can even choose your legal gender:
The Greek parliament passed a law on Tuesday to make it easier for people to change their legally recognized gender, a move that angered the Church but was welcomed as long-overdue by human rights groups. Reuters

There is one thing that has the ultimate no choice sharing property. It is the air we breathe.

Human in a calm condition breathes in and out fifteen times per minute approximately 0,5 liter of air. The air that sits in front of our face, cold or hot, untreated, raw. We newer think about it we just do. We seldom loose a thought about it, mostly in extreme environmental conditions, sickness or in sport. It sits right at the foundations of the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The world record is to hold breath for 27 minutes. There is no point to explain breathing is important, just try not to. ☺

We have no choice but to breathe what the local atmosphere is giving us.