Action time! no... not really

Speaking about air quality in my city and my personal actions, what can I do?
One could say...

  1. Not use your carbon fueled car
  2. Buy a Tesla :-) electric car 
  3. Do not use personal car at all and use public transport instead
  4. Do not heat with coal, wood or combustible waste
  5. Do not buy products which come from polluting factories
  6. Harass or sue polluters
  7. Remind smokers and farters...
Did I omit any?

To me, this actions are bit empty until everybody will do the same. I am not saying you should not follow all or some of them. But lets be honest, how hard have you to change your life? Forgo things? Miss civilization comfort? Get counter-sued/harassed ?
We are part of the civilized society, some things I am able to do and some are just empty gesture.

Like for example I am able to to switch from diesel to gasoline car next time I will buy a new one. But unfortunately electromobility is something that it's not reachable in the moment for me. Please do not ask from me to take the bus, something I do not longer do voluntarily. And for sure I will not play the municipal policeman or supplement the state or the environmental agency work. I suffer also and can't do nothing about. For example my neighbor is burning leaflets in his fireplace and we can smell the chemical smell in the garden. He is an wierdo and an asocial person so no point to talk to him, he might even revenge him self on us.

Do you have also unsolvable air pollution problem in your place? If so, just drop me a message in the comments below.