For sake of the beauty, protect your skin against air born pollution

The question is, does air pollution affect other organs, apart form lungs, too?

Of course it does! Let's think about, a fully clothed person exposes two parts of the body: Hands and the head.
We will not talk about the hands, they are sturdy part of the body and can handle a beating from exterior. It is the head, precisely the face organs that are suffering also. In this article I will have closer look on the facial skin, skin is the larges organ of the human body and supposed to protect us against external influences. In today's cities it is attacked by toxic artificial chemicals and nano scale particles and was newer naturally meant to withstand such poisonous conditions. Starting from congested pores to serious allergic reactions all this and probably combination of those are the result. The beauty conscious about us, I don't want to say the women, can tell how difficult it is now days to take care of it and how badly affected it is by air born toxins.
Aging of the skin is the result.
This is on of the reasons why the first point in the list of features of the PAPP (Perfect Air Polution Protection) Project  is the WHOLE face protection.
What to do? The beauty products industry will always recommend to apply something on your face... something what they sell. Of course something like a face cream is discrete and will be in most cases  beneficial to your skin. But have you read trough the serious products descriptions? They are for "Cleaning", "Moisturizing", "Nurturing", "Flexing" and so on, but non of them "Protects" really your skin. Some of them clam to kinda "deflect pollution" and "build barrier" :-) but that's more alchemy than science. It's  obvious that the beauty industry can not offer the complete solution. The best way, before scrubbing and repairing, is not let the pollutants touch you. That is why the PAPP uses whole face protection. It is the only reliable way to shield us.

Other not less important factor is, if you decide to wear something, that it actually does not affect the skin negatively in some other ways. Possible side effects could be:
  • Skin irritation due to a repeated pressure applied to the same skin area
  • Skin irritation and widened pores due to suffocating of the skin under the sealing
  • Sweating and moisture accumulation
  • Reaction to materials like allergic to silicone
  • Hygienic conditions
  • Pressure marks
  • Make up ruined
All of thees have to be addressed and eliminated in order to develop the PAPP.