Asthma. A serious but now common diagnosis.

I red this article recently and it was immediately clear to me who the  benefiters of PAPP are. In the same time, the article proposes that covering half of your face with a scarf could help. I do not dispute that. However how effective placing a simple piece of 'cloth' over the face sounds, I would not bet the life of my child  on it.

This particular article is dealing with the low air temperature a person is taking in which affects the persons health and/or comfort.
That's a point where PAPP could help. By means of technology the air could be treated more complex than just simple  filtering. Heating is one of the options. By bringing the temperature closer to nominal levels wearer will have more comfort and in this case also health benefits.
On broader scale, PAPP could not only stop the environment from triggering a shock but prevent the outbreak of the disease at first place. Asthma is known to be one of the symptoms of chronicall air pollution exposure. And it is mostly the children developing it. 

There is little choice to protect our children. Most respirators, because they are meant for industrial purpose, are not meant to be worn by children. Those one off respirators do not fit in size, are difficult to put on and adjust, they are annoying (try to explain a child that that moistly, smelly uncomfortable thing is for their good, they will take it of as soo as you are out of sight) and will not stand the playground test.

The decease numbers stated in the article are shocking. If only few of them could be prevented by means of PAPP I would feel  very satisfied.
May your family stay healthy,