Our daily mental blocking

Did it happen to you that you went to visit someone and notice little things in the apartment that are 'not OK' ....little things like a picture hanging a little bit off, a spider web, some tooth paste on the sink, dirty window and so on. Nothing serious. If it is a close relative you can afford to ask about it and you get some answer like this: I did not saw it! It was always like this! There is no point to clean the sink because kids mess it up each time! It takes too much effort to clean that window so we live with it as is!

The phenomenon the homeowner experiences is called 'Mental block' it is due to subconscious erasing of reality that causes you distress or unwanted feelings.
It is a mental mechanism that causes  people involved in horrible situations not to remember details afterwards. Subconscious, brain chooses to block the information that causes pain or discomfort.
The same thing happens with us when we live with the air pollution.
You can smell it, you can see it you can read about it, but you block it away with some dumb excuse. If it does not satisfies you and it comes to do something about it there is no apparent solution and the easiest way is again to mentally block it. Out of mind is out of mind. We block it because it is so prevalent so we can not avoid it and it causes us mental discomfort because we instinctively know it is bad for us and our loved-once.

We manage to mentally block it until we get confronted with the harsh reality like health problems of some sort. But unfortunately by then it is almost late. In the same time the medicine is not ready to associate health problems to ambient  air pollution. There is a long way to go to name the perpetrator of the crime.

On other hand humans are masters in causing them self harm, therefore one more killing factor to the pack seems more acceptable. The difference is we can choose to smoke or eat meat or eat vegetables.....but as a city dweller you are not able to choose the air you are breathing.

Stay mentally alert,